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A&E Medical products include MYO/Wire® temporary pacing wires, MYO/Wire II monofilament sternum wires, MYO/Punch rotating aortic punch, DVR2 illuminated vein harvest retractors and the DoubleWire high strength sternal closure system.

MYO/Wire® temporary cardiac pacing leads are offered in atrial and ventricular configurations. They are designed to provide security of placement and ease of removal

A&E Medical's MYO/Wire II monofilament sternal wires more pliable monofilament wire conforms to the contours of the sternum and is less prone to breakage during tightening.

The MYO/Punch rotating surgical punches feature dual cutting edges and a 90 rotating action to cut a clean and round hole.

DVR2 illuminated vein harvest retractor is a lower cost alternative to endoscopic harvesting when only one length of saphenous vein or radial artery is required.

The DoubleWire high strength sternal closure system is designed for obese, COPD, diabetic, and other sternal dehiscence high risk patients.

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MYO/Wire™ Temporary Atrial Cardiac Pacing Wires

MYO/Wire™ Temporary Atrial Cardiac Pacing Wires

M-20 Style, Straight Wire Electrode
One inch (2.54cm) of bare temporary pacing wire can be bent into desired configuration by surgeon and secured to the myocardium with a suture.
M-21 Style, Loop Electrode
One-eighth inch diameter bare temporary cardiac pacing wire loop can be secured onto the myocardium with a non-tied continuous suture through the myocardium and wire loop. The suture will unravel during removal. The temporary pacing wire loop can be cut to permit removal if a suture is used to secure the loop to the myocardium.
M-22, Robicsek Tapered Loop Electrode
Robicsek atrial pacing electrode designed with six millimeter diameter bare tapered wire loop. A securing suture is placed snug but not tight around neck of electrode. Loop will compress through suture upon removal.
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